Orgspace Launches Flagship Organization Management Solution

Last updated Nov 2, 2022

Orgspace Launches Flagship Organization Management Solution

New unified solution that brings together organization modeling, change management, skill tracking, headcount planning, and cost management, helping technology companies increase effectiveness of their product teams.

BROOKLYN, NY Orgspace today is announcing the launch of its flagship offering for planning modern software organizations. Orgspace allows software leaders to go beyond traditional hierarchical modeling, enabling leaders to arrange people into multidisciplinary portfolios of teams that reflect the reality of modern software delivery. With its draft capability, leaders can model unlimited numbers of change scenarios, understanding tradeoffs around skill, cost, structure, seniority for each scenario as they plan for change.

Empowering effective software leadership is the core of Orgspace’s mission. Effective people leadership cannot happen without software that links people to the skills they have which manifests in the work they deliver. HRIS software tells you about reporting structure and salaries without telling you much about the work. Project management software informs project status, but not the people driving output. Neither understand the link between the people and the work they do in software organizations. Orgspace does.

Orgspace is the first solution of its type that recognizes the human side of software delivery while retaining its focus on the functional leader, not HR. Co-founded by former engineering executives Brian Guthrie (ex-VPE, Meetup) and Aaron Erickson (ex-VPE, New Relic), both of whom found traditional HRIS systems to be ill-suited for modern technology organizations org management realities.

Key Features:

  • Support for modeling complex matrix organizations
  • Unlimited scenarios, allowing leaders to create plans in private and publish changes once they get alignment with their leadership teams
  • Over 30 Integrations with HRIS and Accounting systems
  • Career Ladder, title, and skill modeling
  • Support for traditional FTE, contractors, open positions, and “desired roles” which reflect spots on a team for which no open headcount has been yet allocated
  • Cost modeling based at any level of granularity, from cost by title all the way to cost by individual
  • Skill modeling with team level skill budgets
  • Lenses and filters over organization data to help leaders identify areas of focus for problem solving


Today Orgspace is coming out of beta, and is now publicly available to any technology organization that wants to level up its capabilities. To onboard, visit

About Orgspace

Orgspace builds tools to help software leaders manage the hardest parts of software, the people who make it all possible. People Software for Software People.

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We use Orgspace to help us align and assign our team members in better matrixed organizations. We love how flexible Orgspace is as we change the way we work.

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Pintu Sethi
Sr Director, Strategy, Puppet
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I can't imagine doing team planning without Orgspace. The ability to create drafts of different team formations & share that with my eng leaders is game changing.

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Lisa Van Gelder
VP, Engineering, Avvir

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