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Orgspace helps leaders tackle complex staffing challenges. Plan your organization's future with confidence!

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Ship your org chart. In a good way.

Org planning is a hot mess.

As enterprises grow, staffing them becomes harder. Orgspace helps you set up your teams for success.

Untangle staffing complexity

Orgspace decouples staffing from lines of reporting, helping you model complex staffing scenarios.

Model the perfect team

Structure your teams around the problems they'll be solving. Staff people into roles, not headcount. Hire more thoughtfully.

Plan for diverse outcomes

Create and share drafts with your leadership team. Model different staffing and growth scenarios.

Everything you need

All-in-one platform

With Orgspace, you can easily create team configurations, propose org charts, visualize cost projections and create headcount plans.

Easily import staff

Just pull your org structure from your favorite HRIS and our import tool will facilitate setting up people, teams, and relationships for you.

Get everyone on board

Invite unlimited team members, from Finance and HR all the way through team leadership.

Headcount scenario planning

Not just what positions are open, but which positions should be opened in the future.

Easy dynamic reteaming

Support product, team, and individual growth by separating functional and managerial reporting lines.

Plan for product delivery

Build your org around business goals.

Skills tracking

Find exactly who you need to fill the gaps on your complex, business-critical projects.

Track your changes as you iterate towards the perfect org

You don’t have to keep everything in your head with proposed changes kept in a simple synopsis.

Model the way you actually work

Build your org around how you get work done, even if “tech lead” or “manager” aren’t titles on your career ladder.

We use Orgspace to help us align and assign our team members in better matrixed organizations. We love how flexible Orgspace is as we change the way we work.

Pintu Sethi
Sr Director, Strategy, Puppet

I can't imagine doing team planning without Orgspace. The ability to create drafts of different team formations & share that with my eng leaders is game changing.

Lisa Van Gelder
VP, Engineering, Avvir

Our mission is to make every software team great.

Great software is made by great teams. Your people aren't just names in a spreadsheet, but management processes sometimes make it feel that way. As leaders, we often felt like we spent too much of our time slinging spreadsheets and slide decks and not enough time with our humans. We're here to fix that.

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