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Have you ever been in one of those status meetings that could have been a Jira report? Curious why managers have all these spreadsheets for tracking even basic information like team membership and tenure? Wonder why folks in your management chain sometimes ask what seem like a lot of, let’s face it, dumb questions?

So did we.

We met with over 100 VPs of engineering and asked a simple question: what do you use to staff your teams? 100% of those interviewed answered that question with some variation of “I have a spreadsheet, and I don’t like it very much”.

That got us thinking about all the time spent in our prior roles as VPEs ourselves. All the time we spent gathering data from disparate sources to hire talent, staff teams, do budget projections,and keep everything in sync. What if we created a system that automated all of that?

Orgspace was founded to help leaders spend less time gathering data, more time leading. More time with customers understanding their problems. More time with the team understanding their blockers. Time freed up to do the real work involved in helping team members level up their own careers.

We are growing our engineering team. Our tech stack is Typescript using Next.Js and React on Vercel, using Fauna for storage. We use an event sourced architecture and functional idioms, in a working environment where pairing is common, high code quality is valued, with colleagues who genuinely care about you. While we are headquartered in Brooklyn, NY - we are a remote first company and are hiring globally.

We are in the early days, having recently closed our seed round. We are backed by forward thinking industry leaders who share our conviction that human centered software organizations create better products and drive superior business outcomes.

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